Philips Healthcare Services

Philips HealthSuite Digital Cloud Services:

Today’s time is the true digital era.  Consumer needs everything on the ease of fingertips in the shape of digitized services.

This is the reason that Philip has developed HealthSuite Cloud Services.  This unique cloud service focuses on the healthcare of patients, helping with perfection both for healthcare professionals and healthcare seekers.

At IFA 2016, Philips introduced a wide range of healthcare products for which the HealthSuite Cloud Service can serve as a single platform for all data related tasks.  From data collection, retrieving, storage or to getting reference from any apps, to compiling the data for any professional need, HealthSuite is a perfect reliable service.


Philips Healthcare Devices:

The following are some of the healthcare devices both for professionals and home users

  • Philips Lumify
  • Philips Health Watch
  • Philips Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Ear Thermometer

Philips Lumify:

This is the tablet-based ultrasound service, through which healthcare professionals can perform any ultrasound without all bulky and wire tangled devices.  It is a perfect portable solution for radiologists.  All you need is a tablet (mobile) with a simple USB connection and a Philips Lumify Transducers.  Get the Philip Lumify app from Google Play Store, plug in the transducer and start using it.  This device setup will produce approved FDA 510 (k) clearance capable imagery with Philips S4-1 transducer.


Here are some advantages of Philips Lumify:

  • Comparatively cheaper setup than the regular ultrasound machines
  • Ultimate portability especially for rural/village areas
  • Share images to patient PACS or any EMR portal
  • High quality imagery


Philips Health Watch:

Philips is not far behind in the technology race and giving its customers, the Philips Health Watch, reliable yet simple personal healthcare monitoring.  Like all other smartwatches, Philips watch is compatible with iOS and Android.  Its user can get the continuous information about the cardiac condition and detailed heart rate monitoring, as well as resting and sleep conditions.  This device can be synced with the free Philips HealthSuite application, through which the user can integrate the health data to variety of EMR platforms.


Philips Health Watch is giving us a bunch of useful functionality, which are

  • Continuously heart rate tracking
  • Monitor routine activity and sleep habits
  • Calculation of calorie count
  • Fitness helps and suggestions with Philips HealthSuite app
  • Health data usability to EHR and EMR for healthcare professionals’ use


Philips Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor:

The connected wrist blood pressure monitor is another mobile gadget perfect for healthcare needs.  This monitor has capabilities to monitor blood pressure and heart rate.  This monitor has a cuff band joined with the monitor unit.  The resultant data can be synced with the Philips HealthSuite app installed on any smartphone (Android 4.4.2 or above and iOS8 or above).



This blood pressure monitor has the following qualities:

  • Health data synchronizable to Philips HealthSuite Cloud or physicians’ EHR portal
  • Personalized tracking through app
  • Get step-by-step advice and guidance through official Philips HealthSuite app
  • High accuracy results according to the WHO (World Health Organization) classification
  • Irregular heartbeat detector

Philips Ear Thermometer:

Philips Ear Thermometer is another wireless connected mobile gadget.  This unique thermometer takes the body temperature from the ear and gives you the digital readings, which you can transfer to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and sync and maintain record in your Philips HealthSuite app.  This device is suitable for all ages.



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5 thoughts on “Philips Healthcare Services

  1. This is just beautiful, I mean its amazing how things can get better controlled with these, these are just phenomenal and reliable…

    1. yes Gohar, its absolutely amazing and helpful. Look, when people had to travel for days to reach to better hospitals, now its just a matter of click. Get your scan and send through internet to your physician and get the treatment right at that moment.
      Technology has made the tremendous betterment !

  2. Wow! I had no idea there was a technology already available that let doctors do ultrasounds only by using a phone. I can only imagine how this could be used in rural areas to improve the citizen’s health – especially maternal health.

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