PC apps on a windows phone- Microsoft Project Cobalt

A windows smartphone working just like a complete computer, this is what everyone was expecting when the first windows pocket pc phone arrived in year 2002. But this is going to be happen in real, now.


Microsoft has announced its Project Cobalt, in which, users will be able to install Win32 PC apps on the Windows 10 Phone through emulation.

Till now, it was absolutely impossible to install pc apps on mobile phone because mobile phones are working on ARM processors, not the Intel/AMD x86 processor. Using ARM64 processor, Microsoft is going to use x86 emulation to run .exe files on windows mobile.


This mobile phone emulator is also called CHPE. Through significant changes in programming codes initally in insider preview, this amulator will be able to run Win32 apps on ARM64 mobile processor. This emulator will be included in the most anticipated upcoming Windows Mobile update codename Redstone 3 in late 2017.

Most probably, Microsoft’s upcoming mobile phone model named “Sufrace Phone” will be equiped with Snapdragon 830/835 processor with Windows 10 Redstone 3 out of the box and will be capable of running Win32 apps.


Earlier than this, Microsoft has produced “Windows Continuum”, which is a functionality of certain Windows 10 phones to give a PC-like environment and run some Windows Store apps on any PC monitor screen without any CPU.hp-elite-x3-h1

So, look ahead with a new change in mobile technology around the world and wait for 2017.




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