Galaxy Note 7 recalled


The world’s biggest tech giant suddenly fell into the ditch !

Yes, after the arrival of the Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy Note 7 to the market around the world, it got a frantic technical issue.

Yesterday, on September 21, 2016, a man from Muncie, Indiana reported that his newly bought Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire.

Philippe Curtis says that yesterday morning while he was getting ready to take his kids to the school, he plugged his Note 7 for charging and suddenly his phone started burning in flames. 


This is not the single case with Note 4, Samsung says they have got about 26 hoax claims stating Note 7 battery is prone to fire.  At that time, U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission advised the public to stop using their Note 7 phones.

Samsung recalled about 2.5 million Note 7 units for fault fixing.   According to Koh Dong-jin, President, Samsung Mobile Business, the Note 7 has given the company about $5 billion of loss to the company.  Overall the loss surged to $7 billion, when the investors drew their shares back from the market.

Some IT analysts suggested that it would be wiser to recycle the complete faulty modules of the phone rather fixing them, it will definitely decrease the company’s loss.


Although, Samsung’s popularity is in ruin now, giving its customer a great disappointment, but hoping Samsung will work at its perfection for the solution of note 7 battery issue quickly and will regain the pride of their flagship.

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