TeleHealth – thriving services

“Millions of people will be cared for by remote control in their own home with medical equipment that will monitor their health and transmit the results to doctors”, David Cameron said.


TeleHealth is the method to consistently monitor patients, providing them counseling, advising and prescribing the appropriate drug or therapeutic methods.  Now, all over the world, patients are more interested in getting medical treatments remotely, especially problems of mild or moderate severity.

In UK, already there are many organisations giving their TeleHealth Services and the results of this service are completely successful.  That is the reason UK Government is trying to expand TeleHealth Service all over the country.

Prime Minister, David Cameron said cancer patients will have access to experimental new drugs sooner by investing £180m in the period between new drug development and its use in the NHS.


Where physicians and paramedics are efficiently working to provide better health service, electromedical equipment companies are also providing their major contribution in this service.  GE Healthcare, Seimens Healthcare, Baxter International, Philips Healthcare, Stryker, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Essilor, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony etc., they are the major role-player in the healthcare industry.

It obvious now, Prime Minister’s current strategy for TeleHealth Systems is giving a canny track to Healthcare breakthrough.

A vivid future is ahead.


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