Threshold 2 – The major update to Windows 10

From decades, computing industry is making rapid growth. Now, when the information technology has changed the shape of whole world, working on our computer is so easy and time saving.

Here is a Good News for Microsoft OS users! This month, Microsoft is giving its users a major OS update both for PCs and Mobiles, Windows 10 Build 10586 code name “Threshold 2”good-Windows_10_build_10240_(RTM)

Microsoft has already released some updates since the release of Windows 10, but Threshold is said to be the major update till now.

Threshold 2 is expected to be released on 10th of November, 2015 (according to internet sources)

Here are some important features which Threshold 2 will expectedly give us:

  1. Enterprise Data Protection (EDP)
  2. Windows Store for Business Companies
  3. Extension support for Microsoft Edge Browser
  4. Skype extension to use as Universal Skype
  5. Improvements to Cortana
  6. UI enhancement including new icons, more vibrant tiles

It is an equal tasteful treat for Microsoft Mobile Devices too. Windows 10 mobile will also get this update soon, which will make the following improvements in OS:

  1. Battery backup enhancement
  2. Bug fixing in Microsoft Edge
  3. Mobile hotspot improvement
  4. Improvement in start screen loading
  5. More language packs and keyboards will be available
  6. Pinch and zoom on maps will start working
  7. More photo sharing options from third-party apps i.e. Instagram Beta, Whatsapp, Tagged etc.

windows_10_mobile_forecastHoping more improvement and fixation of bugs and errors in Windows Mobile OS, Microscope will not become idle for future because there are some more brisk rumors about another Windows update code name “Redstone” expected to be release in February 2016.

So brag now, Windows users.


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