Now android users can enjoy iPhone apps


“Cider” a newly-created software, by which android users will be able to run iOS apps. Six postgraduate students from Columbia University have created this stunning software that will run on different echosystem devices, i.e. iOS and android.

Now, the android users will be able to use iMessege and the iPhone users will be able to customize phone appearance like an android phone.

Cider is not launched yet, and most probably, it will be available as an Open Source project. The Cider team has worked a lot to accomplish this project, but still they say it is a prototype. The Cider team will keep developing this project to eliminate all current bugs and problems both the android and iOS devices are facing.

While there are already a huge variety of android and iPhone apps, the Cider will definitely prove to a boost the devices with more powerful apps.



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  1. Will it work on android tablets too maybe not iMessage but some apps

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